The gender leadership academy focuses on giving boys and young men tools to find their own way of being a man, free from expectations of patriarchy and strict gender norms. We focus on health, gender, emotions and relationships as building blocks for healthy masculinity.


four week immersion

Our recommended intervention. The four week immersion is designed for high school students and university freshmen. We tackle issues of gender, consent, masculinity, health and emotions. The curriculum is based on best practices is hands-on, with exercises for each part of the program.


one and two day workshop

A shorter intervention ideal for after-school programing. Cover the same issues as the four week immersion but in a more concise way, focusing on self respect and gender attitudes. Offered as a teaser session before committing to the full immersion as well.


boy's club

Student-led clubs organised by Project Kal immersion alumni. It is designed to give the alumni more freedom in how they want to run and manage their clubs, giving them a sense of ownership and an opportunity to apply the things they have learned during the immersion. The clubs’ activities include listening circles, community campaigns around masculinity and organizing sessions for other students.

Program takeaways

  • Understand gender as a lived experience: Project Kal gives you the language and the tools to navigate and understand gender and gender equality and see how gender interacts with other socio-economical forces.

  • Find your path: find your own way of being a man, free of expectations and constraints of others.

  • Build your tribe: make friends with young men of similar sensibilities and interests.

  • Manage your emotions and health: learn how to make good decisions for yourself and how to deal with your emotions in a healthy way.

  • Become a community leader: we give you the tools needed to make a positive impact in your communities. Use them for greater social good.