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Tena pick, founder

Gender and development expert passionate about women empowerment, community development and social impact measurement. Based in Bangalore, India with extensive experience in the Middle East, Caribbean, and South and Southeast Asia. I am also the Head of Social Impact for C3-Consult and Coach for a Cause. I have co-founded The Sustainability Platform before founding Project Kal.
As a mentor, I have worked with startups from the Caribbean, Gaza and the Middle East. I focus on female-run enterprises, innovation and disruption and social responsibility. 


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Rafaela mendes, events and community manager

Rafaela was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and has worked with production and execution of formation courses in order to provide support to Brazilian political leaders action, prioritizing themes related to politics (public management, electoral campaigns and others) and sustainability (environmental, social and economic dimensions).
She is a Social Entrepreneur passionate about education and citizen engagement in politics.

Working with Project Kal on various projects for the Dubai Business Women Council in relation to gender parity has been a great privilege.
Their passion for the subject resonates in their dedication to participate in various platforms that help identify and resolve the challenges behind it. They are a great advocate of this topic who have been very eager and active to create awareness around it and find ways to discuss the solutions for creating a more sustainable gender balanced workplace.
— Nadine Halabi, Business Development Manager, Dubai Business Women Counci