To build a fair and equal world. To educate the leaders of tomorrow. To offer innovative and progressive gender leadership strategies.

कल, in Hindi, means "a day from today". We believe in an equal tomorrow based on the traditions of yesterday and the actions of today.


Dubai. Bangalore. Zagreb. Global impact, local expertise.


Our Mission

We believe that an equal world is possible. We believe boys, girls, men and women all play a role in building that world. We are committed to delivering impactful, scalable solutions to the issues of gender inequality and gender-  based violence.

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Our Impact

Project Kal is born out of a necessity for an intersectional approach to equality. We will respond to individual and corporate needs with professionalism and complete dedication to impact. At Project Kal, we believe in measurable social impact and tangible results.




We have delivered over 50 workshops all over the world, reaching hundreds of  entrepreneurs and impacting dozens of companies.




Our unique global perspective means we are always culturally sensitive and ready to adapt to any situation. Our depth of knowledge reflects global best practices and local specifics




Hundreds of entrepreneurs and  companies have been impacted by our workshops and interventions. We offer follow up impact measurement to ensure the impact is in depth and long lasting.


One of Tena’s most impressive attributes is her breadth of knowledge, which when combined with her passion and inspirational delivery, keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. We were thrilled with the flexibility Tena was able to offer for her workshop, which was personalised to suit our needs and environment. She was extremely professional and used a range of real life case studies to ensure we were constantly able to relate to the topic and put her teachings into practice.
— Sarah Brook, Founder of Sparkle Malawi