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Why we do what we do

What we believe

We believe that an equal world is possible. We believe boys, girls, men and women all play a role in building that world. We are committed to delivering impactful, scalable solutions to the issues of gender inequality and gender-based violence.

Project Kal for boys and men

We believe that boys and men have to be included in the building of a gender equal society. We believe rigid gender roles and perceptions of masculinity hurt men as much as they hurt women. Project Kal is designed to respond to the needs of boys and men to learn how to express their emotions in a non-violent way, to build their soft skills and to become global citizens of tomorrow.



"Partnering with Tena is, in one word, EMPOWERING. Tena enables individuals and groups to maximise their power and impact. She has an openness and curiosity for the experience of everyone she works with and she has a real appreciation for their unique circumstances. These characteristics, along with her tenacity and credibility, make her an influential advocate for gender issues."

Afsheen Ismail-Way, Founder of Phoenix Coaching Company


Project Kal for female businesses

Project Kal is dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs globally. Economic independence, female-run businesses and innovation are the path to empowerment.

Project Kal and social impact

Project Kal is born out of a necessity for an intersectional approach to equality. We will respond to individual and corporate needs with professionalism and complete dedication to impact. At Project Kal, we believe in measurable social impact and tangible results.

Why Project Kal

We believe innovation, equality and empowerment are more than just buzzwords. Project Kal creates and delivers one of a kind, tailor made solutions that are rooted in research, experience and traditions to fight gender inequality and toxic masculinity. Our curriculum is hands on and our consulting is cutting edge. We give you the tools, you build the way. For a brighter कल.

Dubai. Bangalore. Zagreb. Global impact, local expertise.