Gender module: Gender Equality, technology and data


Sustainable development goal 5: Achieving gender equality

Gender Equality remains key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and the achievement of all the other SDGs depends heavily on its success. Identifying and measuring gender data remains a challenge for even the largest organizations. Despite evidence that promoting women's participation and progress in the workforce improves lives, communities and livelihoods, few organizations remain successful in empowering their female workforce.

ampuz and project kal solution

The Gender Module empowers institutions with a focus on gender balance through data and technology. We help you tell your gender impact stories authentically and effectively.


Key features

One stop Impact management tool

Single place to set targets, track progress, measure, compare, analyze and report impact


Track gender data across three engagement levels - workplace, marketplace and communities.

Real Time visibility

Empower leadership to see progress and make evidence based decisions in real time

Alignment with international standards

The gender module is aligned with international frameworks such as SDGs, WEPs and GRI.